Contact & FAQ

Contact & FAQ

What are your ground coffee settings?

We grind our coffee to be ideal for pour over. That said, It can still be used for pretty much any brewing method you choose.

How do you get your flavor notes?

We do a baseline roast & a cupping to get an initial understanding of the bean's flavor profile. Then we 'dial in' the roasts, brew & taste them until we're able to get a flavor profile we're proud enough to share.

Is your coffee artificially flavored?

Nope. Our coffees are all 100% natural with no additives of any kind.

How do you come up with your flavor notes and roast profiles?

The flavor notes come from our own brewing and cupping tastings. They should be used as a guide to help inform and you shouldn't be surprised if your experience is different from ours.

What is your favorite brew method?

We love all different types of brewing methods but our favorite is the pour over. More specifically, with a Chemex (for multiple people) or a v60 (for individuals).

How fresh is your coffee?

We roast weekly. There's a roast date on all of our bags so you know exactly how fresh they are.

What’s the shelf life of your coffee?

Roasted coffee doesn’t necessarily go bad. The flavor will change as it sits so you may notice a difference from the day you get your beans to your last cup. That said, we think our beans taste best between 1-3 weeks after the roast date.

Where do you roast your coffee?

43 Washington Ave. 1st floor, Brooklyn, NY. 11205

How do you ship your large format, limited edition art prints?

We ship our art prints in heavy duty tubes to prevent damage during shipment. We handle each with the utmost care. Pro tip: Each print will need to be uncurled and flattened once delivered. We recommend putting the print on a flat surface and carefully placing a heavy item on the ends to flatten for ~24 hours. Usually, books or similar will do the trick.

When can I expect my order?

We ship orders within 48 hours and should take around 2 to 5 business days to arrive.

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