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Costa Rica, Coto Brus

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Notes of warm, slightly melted dark chocolate with a thin layer of seared honey and mild citrus notes. Grown and processed by a third generation coffee farmer that thrives on sustainable development and organic agriculture.

Whole beans. These can be ground to your brewing specification if picked up or purchased at our shop.

Roasted with care in Brooklyn, NY. (12oz)

  • Taste Notes

    Caramel, plum

  • Roast Profile


  • Brightness

    Low Acidity

  • Process


  • Variety

    Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra

  • Elevation

    1200 to 1600 meters

Origin Story

Carlos Fontan has been involved in the world of coffee farming since he was a little kid. His father, also an agricultural engineer, took him to farms where Carlos learned about soil and water quality first hand from farmers who were able to provide him with their personal expertise on how best to grow high-quality beans that would be sought after by cafes and roasters around the country.

This micro lot farm is named Santa Elisa Pachup after a tree called Chup that is found providing natural shade to many of the growing areas on the farm. Santa Elisa Pachup is committed to the health and sustainability of the area and preserves 91 hectares of land as natural forest and for reforestation with Cyrpress. Carlos takes pride in the farm's huge potential in the world of specialty coffee with the objective of letting people see that Guatemalan coffee farms can deliver both productivity and quality.