Brew Guides

Pour-over Guide

Pour-overs are a great way to brew flavorful & balanced single cups of coffee. They are a more hands on & manual brewing method but the payoff is well worth it because it really brings out the nuances in your coffee. And because it uses coffee filters, you’ll always end up with a clear & consistent cup all the way to the last sip.

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Chemex Guide

The chemex uses the pour over method so you’ll get those flavorful, balanced and clear cups that you’re used to with the added bonus of brewing multiple cups at a time. The chemex is a beautiful tool in both form and function for a perfect morning routine.

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French Press Guide

The French Press is a familiar, immersion style brewing method that’s great for getting full bodied cups of coffee. It’s a simple process where you can experiment with brew time as well as grind size and it’s easy to clean! Giving you a hassle free, delicious cup of coffee for you and a friend… or just yourself.

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