French Press guide

What you'll need

• 53g of coffee beans

• 800g of water

• French press

• Burr grinder

• Kettle

• Scale and timer

• Spoon

• Your favorite mug

Step 1: Setup

• Heat 800g of water to 205F

• Grind 53g of coffee - coarse

Grinds should have a similar consistency to breadcrumbs. We like a 1:15 ratio but feel free to adjust this depending on your taste.

Step 2: Preheat the french press

• Preheat the French press with hot water

This allows for an even extraction by maintaining the temperature throughout the brew.

Step 3: Place the french press on the scale

• Place the french press on the scale

• Pour the coffee grounds into the french press

• Tare the scale

Step 4: Pour Water

• Start the timer

• Evenly pour all 800g of water over the coffee grounds

Fully saturate all the coffee grounds for a more balanced extraction.

Step 5: Break the crust & stir

• Once your timer reaches 1 minute, use your spoon to gently break the crust and stir the coffee grounds every 30 seconds

• Recommended brew time is around 5 minutes

• Stop stirring when you have 1 minute left on the timer

The goal is to keep the grounds from settling at the bottom so you get a full and even extraction. As a general rule of thumb, shorter brew times = brighter cups. Longer brew times = bolder cups.

Step 6: Plunge

• Once your timer is up, take the french press off the scale and place the plunger lid on the top. Gently press down until the plunger reaches the bottom

Be sure to pour all of the coffee liquid out right after plunging. Any coffee that’s still in the french press will continue developing and will result in an unpleasant & bitter cup.


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