Chemex guide

What you'll need

• 50 grams of whole coffee beans

• 800 grams of water (or 6 cups)

• Chemex

• Burr grinder

• Kettle

• Scale and timer

• Filter paper (for Chemex)

• Two of your favorite mugs (holds at least 15oz liquid each)

Step 1: Setup

• Set 800g of water to 207F

• Grind 50g of coffee - medium fine

Grinds should have a consistency between coarse sea salt and table salt. We like a 1:15 ratio, feel free to adjust this depending on your taste.

Step 2: Wet the filter

• Rinse the paper filter with water just off boil

• Discard the excess water

This removes any paper taste and preheats the Chemex.

Step 3: Prep the coffee

• Add coffee grounds & create a well in the middle of the grounds

This helps evenly saturate all the grounds during the bloom phase.

Step 4: First pour - Bloom

• Start timer

• Pour 150g of water and let it percolate for about 45s

Pour in a spiral motion starting from the center, making your way outwards and back in to wet all the coffee grounds evenly. The bubbles at the top signifies the bloom and happens when carbon dioxide escapes the coffee grounds.

Step 5: Second pour

•Add 250g of water and let it percolate for about 60s

Continue pouring in a circular motion from the outer edge to the center then back out.

Step 6: Third pour

• Add 200g of water and let it percolate for about 60s

Repeat the same pour motion but a little slower than previously

Step 7: Final pour

• Add the final 200g of water and let it percolate until the water has finished running through the filter


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