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City Dwellers - Limited artist edition coffee by Loe & Caleb

City Dwellers - Limited artist edition coffee by Loe & Caleb

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This 100% arabica coffee was imported from Bolivia and roasted as a light roast. The taste notes may reflect puer tea, honey & green apple. You shouldn't experience any excessive bright notes that are typically associated with light roasts, leaving you with a solid, well rounded body that's best experienced black or with a dash of milk.

Perfect for those cozy mornings when you're sitting by your window, watching people go about their day in the busy city.

Whole beans - These can be ground to your brewing specification if picked up or purchased at our shop

Roasted with care by Artbean Coffee in Brooklyn, NY. (10oz)

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  • Taste Notes

    Puer Tea, Honey, Green Apple

  • Roast Profile

    Light Roast

  • Origin


  • Process

    Double washed

Loe x Caleb

Loe is an award-winning art director & illustrator in New York City. Loe and her family have been a part of the Chinatown community since her grandparents immigrated here in the late 1960's. Today, her work appears in major campaigns for: Coca-Cola, Uniqlo, Google, The Democrats, VICE, and more. When she’s not drawing, Loe is trying new Cantonese recipes or cuddling her two big dogs.

Caleb is a dog-loving producer and director of photography working with clients like Paramount, Adidas, and Target. When he's not shooting, Caleb is cycling through the city and through his favorite podcasts.

In December 2023, the two were married and currently have two dog-children.`