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Peru, Chanchamayo

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This dark roast is for those who love big and bold body cups! You may notice the initial notes of dark chocolate and walnut with a subtle finish that resembles a berry jam. Our dark roasts never hit second crack so you won't get any burnt notes and you may even enjoy it without milk or sugar.

Whole beans. These can be ground to your brewing specification if picked up or purchased at our shop.

Roasted with care in Brooklyn, NY. (12oz)

  • Taste Notes

    Jasmine, Blackberry & Passion fruit

  • Roast pROFILE

    Light Roast

  • brightness


  • Variety


  • Process


Artist's Statement

Gestures is a new body of work by Gentle Oriental exploring shifts between fluid abstractions and concrete representations, driven by familiar motifs of hands in motion, sharp curves and soft tendrils, melting and disintegrating, the push and pull of life. The artist seeks to display tenderness in gestures both grand and nuanced, conveying emotions more easily understood through visual catharsis than verbal explanation. The way our hands and hearts are weathered as we move through this world is as if the act of living itself is sandpaper. We drift off in a beautiful collective, fine dust.