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A Fence of Flowers giclée art print - Jocelyn Tsaih, Frenetic Energy

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18”x24” giclée print
Edition of 25
Embossed, signed,
and numbered

A portion of proceeds from this print goes to the non-profit, Soar Over Hate to support the AAPI community in the face of escalating anti-Asian violence. 

"With our current circumstances of living through a pandemic and simultaneously experiencing the stressors of current local and global events, it’s become increasingly more common to feel heightened grief, anxiety, and longing for our former realities. Maybe we feel less free in our bodies. Maybe we feel burnt out. In feeling all of this, where does all of this energy go?

The artwork created for this exhibition and collaboration acknowledges the frenetic energy that we may feel within ourselves during this time. It sheds light on this specific aspect of resilience. Being resilient may mean staying strong, but it also means being tender and acknowledging the pains and frustrations that exist alongside our strength. Perhaps through making and viewing this body of work, we can feel this cumulative, collective energy trascend our bodies. What a relief it would be to be able to let this energy outward, to let it go, so that we can move onwards and upwards."

- Jocelyn Tsaih

10% Pledge

10% of profits from each bag of the Frenetic Energy blend goes to non profit, Soar Over Hate to support the Asian American Pacific Islander community in the face of escalating anti-Asian violence.